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About Us

Mindshare Holdings, Inc. advises and invests in disruptive companies that are seeking expansion capital. Our Mission is to be a key player in the creation and development of revolutionary companies that stand the test of time. We provide emerging growth companies with operational expertise, strategic introductions to new sales channels and partnerships, and access to capital so that the company can execute their business plan and build long-term value for shareholders.


We know how to operate and grow companies. We understand how overwhelming it can be to build and manage a fast growing startup. In evaluating companies to work with or invest in, we focus on the vision, quality and persistence of the management team and the durable competitive advantages of the company. We help companies to assemble world-class teams to open new channels for long-term growth, so that they can successfully scale and transition into larger enterprises, while still maintaining the entrepreneurial startup spirit that allowed them to grow in the first place.


We are dedicated to assisting the most innovative companies with the journey from startup to successful exit. For those companies that are contemplating a public listing, we bring our substantial network to the table to assist with the entire process, so that the company can access the capital markets for future growth.










Regardless of the industry, we invest in people, not just businesses or products.


We are looking for companies with a defined durable competitive advantage, and the drive and determination to profit from that advantage.


There is a strong preference to work with companies that “do well by doing good”, producing a triple bottom line.


Our mission is to play a critical role in the growth of revolutionary companies that stand the test of time.


Management Consulting

Development of Business Plan, Strategic Growth Plan, and Market Positioning. Assist the company with its go to market strategy.

Business Development

Introduce the company to new sales and marketing channels/relationships for fundamentally growing the business.

Corporate Development / Team Building

Assist the company with building a world class team to drive value for all shareholders. To include new members of management, legal counsel, board members, advisory members.


Our mission is to play a critical role in the growth of revolutionary companies that stand the test of time. We are opportunistic and sector agnostic, but we have strong domain expertise in health and wellness, tech, and food and beverage sectors. In addition to the criteria below, our strong preference is to work with companies that are producing a triple bottom line.

Exceptional, Visionary Entrepreneurs
who want assistance with building an experienced, world-class team and are looking for partners to help build value for shareholders.

It is impossible to move the needle alone. We seek to work with entrepreneurs who understand real leadership, know how to inspire and get the best from their team.

Well-defined competitive advantage
The company should have a strong case that it has a durable competitive advantage over other companies in its space.

What is the barrier to entry? What does the competitive landscape look like?

Expansion stage companies with credible growth plan
A concrete growth plan that is credible, and is supported by real metrics such as cost of customer acquisition.

For instance, a use of proceeds that does not just put everything into the “Working Capital” bucket.

Contact Us

Being an Entrepreneur and building a great company is a Leap of Faith. But you don’t have to do it alone. We are fellow entrepreneurs, business builders and investors. We help companies to build world-class teams to get traction in the marketplace and dominate markets. Contact us today to discuss your company.


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